Commissions are a way to raise the funds of your not-so hardworking Dae!
If you like my art style and want to see it in action, I'd happy to put it in your service!



Terms of Agreement

  • The "work" (The image I create for you) commissioned by me will not be used for profit. My commissions are for personal use and free display only. Do not profit on my art.
  • The work's copyright is still mine. Original characters still belong to their owner.
  • I only accept Paypal. I will tell you my Paypal address when we finalize our agreement.
  • I have the right to refuse your commission for any reason.

What I do:

  • Anime-style
  • Fanarts
  • Original Characters (GREATLY ENCOURAGED!)
  • "Furry"/anthromorphic
  • Hardcore porn/"Hentai", "Yaoi", "Yuri"

What I do NOT:

  • Comic-style
  • Copies or bigger versions of other people's artworks
  • Realistic portraits of any kind
  • Hardcore porn involving real people or characters played by real actors
  • "Loli", "Shota" and "Yiff" porn

Types of commissions and samples

I work digitally; all works are in full-colors, 300dpi, printable A5 format (14,8x21 cms or 1753x2480 pixels), unless you prefer otherwise... And if you do, please TELL ME BEFORE I SEND YOU THE FINISHED PRODUCT.
I can release also a printable A4 (21x29,7 cm) version of your pic, but this will costs +5 euros.
€ 12

  • Clean lineart, full CG coloring
  • Simple background
  • Max. 3 Characters
  • STYLE #2
    € 12

  • Lineart + pencil shading, simple CG coloring
  • Simple background
  • Max. 3 Characters
  • STYLE #3
    € 12

  • Pencil shading, flat CG coloring
  • Detailed background
  • Max. 3 Characters
    € 5

  • Chibi characters, Clean lineart, full CG coloring
  • Flat background
  • Max. 3 Characters
  • PIN-UP
    € 8

  • Full body characters, clean lineart, simple CG coloring
  • Flat background
  • Max. 2 Characters
  • When requesting a commission

    • Please be specific on what you want; if you want a certain pose or composition, please be as specific as you can, especially for original characters. Any reference images would be great and very helpful!
    • Contact me: ; I'll reply immediately, asking for details.
      Another fast way to contact me is PMing me on DeviantART if you're a member.

    What happens after I accept the deal

    • I will let you know immediately if I will accept your order or not. If accepted, I'll make sure I understand what you want.
    • I will send a rough sketch of what I have planned. When I get the OK, I will ask you for the payment.
    • Once fully paid, I will start working on your pic (I'll need one day to finish your work) and I'll send you a link to your zipped file when I'll be done. (Images are "flattened" in .JPG... If you prefer another file format just ask ^^ --Just do it BEFORE I SEND YOU THE FINISHED PRODUCT).
    • I won't draw your commission again if you're not satisfied with the result, nor I'll give you back your money, so please, make sure to be as detailed as possibile with your request and provide all required criticism over the sketch that I'll show you!

    For every doubt or specific question feel free to contact me: ^_^