This page is dedicated to the current series that drive me CRAZY but, unfortunately, are little known or popular.
It's here to provide you basic informations on stories and charactersto get you in touch with the good stuff∼


As a loyal fan of Yamaguchi's works, it's obvious that I instantly noticed the worth of this wonderful series.
Those of you may be familiar with two other works of Yamaguchi that sealed his popularity: Kakugo no Susume (released in the USA as Apocalypse Zero) and Shigurui. Well, Exoskull is pretty much a mix between the two: it has got the same backstory, setting and protagonist of Kakugo, but it fully embraces the cold, grotesque and "serious" mood of Shigurui.
It was a true discovery and a confirmation at the same time: here Kakugo wakes up as a recurring hero, apparently to protect the humans, but he's thrown, with his fellow heroes, in a world were humans evolved the "wrong way"
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As you probably know, I'm a huge fan of delinquents/yankees stories, and I really wanted to recommend one of them to you guys-- Despite my total devotion to the works of Hiroshi Takahashi (the guy behind Crows, QP and WORST, just to give you an idea of the levels of awesomeness) though, I decided to opt for this wonderful series penned and inked by Tetsuhiro Hirakawa.
I feel like favouring this series instead of others for some simple reasons: the art is MAJESTIC, the storyline is original and keeps the reader interested, the fights are intense and sanguigne and the whole thing is generally well orchestrated, in a way were badassness and good will are balanced and credible
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All-rounder Meguru is a wonderful sport comic dedicated to MMA by the majestic Hiroki Endou, author of another of my most favourite manga ever, the Sci-Fi series Eden.
There are TONES of Japanese series dedicated to sports and more or less legittimate fighting styles, I could cite a tons starting from Ashita no Joe or Tiger Mask and ending it with Grappler Baki and Shamo, passing throught the awesomeness of Hajime no Ippo.
But these series have all a tiny bothering flaw (well, in the most of cases that's not a flaw but their actual strong point, expecially for Grappler Baki), the utter lack of realism.
I'm not just talking about the superhuman strenght of the protagonists, but also their everyday life, their relationships with others
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This series merges wonderfully two of my favourite things when it comes to fiction: series about fighting, and series about Ancient Rome.
Since I'm not only Italian, but Roman, too, I'm quite picky when it comes to Roman-flavoured fiction: Cestvs is probably my favourite one (yes, Roma and Spartacus TV series made me want to cry over their stupidity, and sorry, Thermae Romae didn't do the magic because of the heavy Japanese point-of-view over the whole thing, that as much as I can appreciate as a cultural boost, made me go MEH way too many times), because of its historical accuracy and the deep knowledge of the author on the subject.
It's really interesting and well-made, and contrary to these kind of productions, you can tell that the author made a serious effort into studying not only the typical fighting settings of the time, but also the social, political and geographical issues
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