Following the winning recipe of the Gifu Loop Line, another line of Gifu City buses has been decorated in a Sengoku fashion, and I had the chance to spot it:

The protagonist of the Yana Bus, a city bus focusing on suburban areas of Gifu as a community service, is Nou-hime, the wife of Nobunaga, native of Gifu.
There are two buses with different portraits of the lady, somehow I managed to take pictures of both of them:

I had no chance to take this bus as it didn't follow a course that I could use, but as it made its stop at the station, I managed to sneak this picture of the interior:
The inside is all pink, decorated with motifs of butterflies and flowers... How cute!

In case you'd like to ride this pretty bus, you can take it at stop number 11 of JR Gifu Station's bus terminal. The ride costs 100 yen only :3 !