RAPPORTO/ Buyoden Sengoku

During my short visit to Tokyo I bothered the usual Teap to bring me to this Sengoku-themed restaurant in Shinjuku.

The first impression was not that great, the place looked narrow and a bit run-down, filled with random videogame merchandising-- Definitely very little genuine!

To my disappointment we were placed in the room dedicated to Sanada (I actually wanted to go in the Nobunaga hall, but Teap told me that the option wasn't available), which was tiny, but interestingly furnished.

Since there was time before the arrival of our orders I went around to take some pictures of the place.

Going back there I noticed the Nobunaga hall!
It did looked deserted and closed to the public even if I spotted some people there-- What was that?!

From there I reached the main entrance to take pictures of the random souvenir and videogame relics:

A bit too random and too crowded, don't you think so..?

But let's go with the meal!
Teap ordered a special course with shabu-shabu. I really enjoyed everything!

We had a fancy appetizer, sashimi, tenpura, some fancy meat sushi (I think it was horse meat... So I ate Teap's too, who was being emotional... Yummy!)

Drinks were not included in the course, so besides the usual beer we made sure to pick a cocktail dedicated to our favourite generals... Teap went with Masamune and I obviously picked Nobunaga:
It was quite pretty and delicious!

We ended the meal with typical Japanese sweets and hot tea.

The hot tea was a nice touch!

We got our bill. As expensive as we estimated!
We also noticed that it was quite early! We stayed something like just one hour and half... Which was a good thing for us who had to leave early in the morning the day after, but are Izakaya supposed to be so quick to send their clients off..?

Long story short, the place was not as great as the pictures showed, but it did own its special vibe, even if not as genuine as one may think. The food was good and the cocktails interesting, so if you are a Sengoku fan looking for a special dinner at the infamous Kabuki-cho you may consider it.


Entrance fee: None
Reservation: Required
Operating Hours: 17:00-24:00 (on Friday and Saturday: 17:00-0300, on Sunday: 17:00-23:30)
Website: http://diamond-dining-shops.jp/senngokubuyuden/shinjyuku

And that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^