Here is a report about my experience with one of the events sponsored by the NAMCO exclusive cafe, the CHARACRO ("Character Crossover").
There are two of them, one is located in Akihabara and the other in Ikebukuro. The local of Akihabara spreads over two floors, so it's the bigger of the two, with more chances for your reservation to go through.

I visited the CHARACRO of Akihabara, as it was hosting a TIGER & BUNNY "The Rising" event that both me and the usual Teap wanted to check.

We were told to get in there around 10 minutes earlier than the opening of the bar and when we arrived we noticed people who were already there even if they were going to enter one hour after us D:

As the process to get there is a bit troubling, here's some basic explanation.
First of all, you have to reserve your visit over this page, according to the available dates.
You'll be contacted in case your reservation would be accepted or rejected.
The stay is restricted to 100 minutes. Your orders for food and beverage must be made before 90 minutes.
It's possible to take pictures, but videos are not allowed. The area is completely no smoking.

On your arrival, you'll be given a point card and you'll be presented an exclusive sticker-- I got Wild Tiger!
Everytime you visit the bar, your point card will be stamped. I don't know what you would get once you complete a card as I didn't investigate the subject (since I was going to visit only once anyway XD), but it's probably a "higher rank" card with some benefits.

We sat down and started to enjoy the mood!
The place is little and cramped for Western standards, but I enjoyed its convivial mood! ..We realized soon enough that the 99% of the audience was female XD !

Here are some shots of the place:

The bartenders and waitresses were all dressed in Kotetsu's style XD
The whole point of the place was to be styled after the Hero's Bar shown in the series.
It was a real nice idea, also if they could have used more real neon light and less cardboard :P

Some customers brought their collections over-- How cute!

The orders were placed through this ipad:
You must buy drinks, food and merchanding through it.
It's updated on the sold-out stuff, so my suggestion is to reserve the merchanding in advance.
--Here I am pointing to my first choice for the food XD

And here's the long-waited report for the food!
First of all, I ordered a non-alcoholic drink, the one inspired to Fire Emblem.

--It was simple red orange juice with ice XD The "lips" of the drink is a jelly.

I took a shot of Teap's order:
She had the stew dedicated to Golden Ryan and the drink of Barnaby Jr Brooks :D

Continuing with my orders, here's the meat-based donburi dedicated to my beloved Rock Bison!
It was a collaboration with Sukiya, one of the real "sponsors" of the hero, I found it very fun XD !
It was delicious ;o; !! Such soft and tasty meat!
The "horns" contained some horrible sauce made with wasabi and avocado D'x -- It was terrible, but I managed to eat that too with the help of the rice XD

Next I picked the pizza dedicated to Ivan, Antonio and Keith and their growing relationship as "drink buddies" XD
It was not bad at all!
It had three different toppings to fit the characters: Ivan was some tuna sashimi, Keith a Caesar's salad and Antonio performed some grilled veggies and baby corn XD
It was a bit "crowded" as a pizza, but I enjoyed it, despite the very unusual flavours :D

My last drink for the evening was this glass of exclusive rosè wine, LOL:
I ordered it only because I wanted the pretty coaster with the Apollon Trio on it, but it wasn't bad at all!

Besides eating, during the stay there are some activities to keep you distracted.
First of all, the Character Poll. Whenever you order something, you'll get some special coins: these coins must be used to vote for the character that is the best answer to the current pool.
When were were staying there, it was something along the lines of "Who is the character who enjoys Autumn the most, as they like eating?".
It's a Japanese belief that during Autumn the appetite of people grows, in fact.
--I spent all my coins of Antonio, just because I wanted to see him rising in these ranks, at least XD !
Around the end of the turn, there's some rock paper scissor game that the customers played against one of the waitress. The winner was chosen to turn a wheel to see an exclusive music video dedicated to one of the characters.
The winner got Barnaby's video. It was really cute ;o; !! BUNNY-CHAN T_T; !!!

Of course I had the chance to pay a visit to the toilet XD
It was decorated with some posters of sort (and there was some weird sticker on the mirror related to Golden Ryan that I didn't really get, so no pictures about it XD)-- This one piqued my interest XD

Back to our report, our time was over and it was time to pick our merchandise!
there's a "preview area" in the bar so you can take a look at the items for sale to get an idea, and, as I said earlier, during your stay you reserve them so to get them on your way out.
The "collecting area" is downstairs, over there you'll find a counter with some ladies with your goodies.
I let Teap take care of the task, but I assume that you have to say your table's number or something along these lines to get your gadgets.
So, here's my booty for the day:
I just picked a cute clear file exclusive to the event :D

It's been a fun experience, and it's always fun to be involved with your favourite series and characters, plus, it's quite easy to find a free spot for your reservation :D
But keep in mind that it can be quite expensive... We got to pay 8400 yen and we don't even know how ò_o; !


Entrance fee: 300 yen
Reservation: Required
Operating Hours: 1100-2150
Website: http://www.namco.co.jp/characro/tigerandbunny/

And that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^