RAPPORTO/ Comic City Osaka 111

On 2017 profitting of a trip to Japan and a stay in Osaka, I managed to attend the Comic City event there.

Compared to the events in Tokyo, it was much less crowded, but rather than a tinier presence of fans (which was a bit physiologic, since the place is half-half the size of Tokyo Big Sight) I would say that because it was much better organized.
This time I was there early before the opening so I could savour the vibe, and it was nice to realize that I had no need to check on my map since I just had to to follow the hordes of visitors to reach Intex Osaka ^o^ !!

For the most basic informations, you can check out my old report of Haru Comic City in Tokyo, here I'll just point out the differences.

The biggest difference, to my utter delight, was in Osaka's policy with pamphlets, the guides you need to browse the events to find your favourite circles.
Here there wasn't only the usual huge book to buy, but also the tinier pamphlets of the "Petit Only" events.
So I just had to buy the pamphlet of the Petit Only that I wanted to attend (so just something over 2 euros) and I was granted the entrance :D
In my case, I was there for the Gundam event, G Spirits, but I was allowed to check the contents of the other pavillions too.

Contrary to Tokyo's Comic City, here there was an area dedicated to cosplayers, and cosplay was not forbidden. I saw many cosplayers taking care of stands, but unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of them, since taking pictures in the exhibitor's area is forbidden, to grant the privacy of sellers and buyers.

A little area in the hall dedicated to original works was dedicated to workshops and promotion of drawing sofwares and materiale.
I managed to check out a little demonstration of Clip Studio Paint, a sofware used for comic creation, quite popular over Pixiv too...

It was intriguing, but to be honest vmy legs were starting to hurt, I had no strenght to stop there to watch the full thing! In the end I managed to enjoy my visit to the full, I saw in the face my favourite artists that I follow on pixiv (yet I regret not buying anything from some of them to keep my budget decent), I found ouit new great artists and I bought stuff about my favourite series!
Here you can check out my booty:

Plus the pamphlet which makes a lovely souvenir and some free postcards, from both the circles and the promotional desks of the Comic City :D

And that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^