RAPPORTO/ Gundam Cafe (Odaiba)

On my fourth travel to Japan, I decided that it was the right moment to get to see all the remaining Gundam Cafe of Tokyo.
I already visited the one in Akihabara, and on the day of my arrival to Tokyo, during my visit to the Gundam Front, I profitted to try the one located in Odaiba, the artificial island of Tokyo Bay.

Located a few meters from the huge statue of the RX-78-2, the Gundam Cafe of Daiba is pretty much a "snack point", not a real restaurant like the others.
Here you can sip a Jaburo coffee, or eat your Gundam SEED kebab, all while checking out the statue, but there's no place to sit down or more "substantial" meal.

For the directions to get there, check out my post about the Gundam Front, the location is pretty much the same, the Diver City Tokyo plaza, by the mall.

But let's go in order!

Here is a promotional thing reminding you that this is the only place where you can get a latte decorated in Gundam fashion.
As the most of the Gundam Cafe in fact, offer the famous Haro Latte in very few variants, here you can drink your warm milk with decorations featuring the Zaku, the Gundam and the Acguy (which is extremerly popular in Japan).
It's a tiny detail, but they make sure to differentiate their little menu like this.

There wasn't a great line when I arrived.
Here's the entrance and the counter desk. You follow the route to make your order, and wait for it by its exit as the staff gets it ready.

The service is very fast, and it's similar to that of a bar.

This is the menu, let's take a peek together:
It's all a list of fast snacks and drinks, but it's interesting to check out the exclusive items that you can find only in this cafe.
Besides the latte, an exclusive item is the gunplayaki shaped as Char's Zaku. It came in two different flavours, chocolate and banana and sausages with vegetables.
Then there are what the menu calls "onigiri": it's a skewer of rice ball covered in a spicy meat sauce. The one of the Federation comes with mayonnaise, the one of Zeon has a spicier seasoning.
Besides the two onigiri, there's the kebab dedicated to Gundam SEED series, that looked quite yummy...

I wasn't very hungry, so I just picked a gunplayaki and a latte, both of them in Zaku fashion:
I was curious about the sausage/veggies filling, but since I was drinking a sugary cup of milk, I opted for the "chocobanana" instead... It was very sweet and delicious, definitely a good combo.

After I was done with my snack, I took a peek around at the "shopping area" of the cafe, which is ampler than the proper "cafe" area...
The most of items for sale were the usual omiyage, souvenir snacks featuring cookies, candies or sweets--

But there were also some very fun items, like the Haro's alarm clock, and all the little merchandising--

A special mention to the ZakuMania, the mini-SD thingies to pose and play with...
The Zaku above are a Gundam Cafe exclusive, they are dedicated to a "Third Platoon" posted to Jaburo, thus used for the coffee plantation ^_^;
Next to it, the version based on the Acguy--

Long story short, a fun visit.
I don't recommend a visit here only for the cafe, but sure it's a useful spot in the square for a quick snack.
Definitely worth after checking out the Gundam Front, it's still a simple but proper attraction.


Entrance fee: None
Reservation: Not required
Operating Hours: 1000-2100
Website: http://g-cafe.jp/shop/odaiba/

And that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^