RAPPORTO/ Gundam Cafe (Tokyo Station)

On my glorious task to visit all the Gundam Cafe of Tokyo, on my arrival to Tokyo after a short stay in Kyoto, I rushed to look for the cafe located into the Tokyo Station for a light lunch!
This cafe is usually neglected as it's very tiny and in a crowded area, but it offers an interesting menu and it's very convenient to visit as it's placed in such an important station :D

To get there, you have to, obviously, reach TOKYO station.
You can get practically with everything, so just pick your choice.
You have to remember, though, that it's located by the Yaesu South Exit of the station, in an underground shopping area called First Avenue Tokyo Station:

Unfortunately though, when asking for "First Avenue Tokyo Station", people would look at you weirdly XD
If you need to ask for directions, go with the Japanese form, "Tokyo-eki Ichibangai" and you'll get better results.
Anyway, with the Yaesu South Exit at your back, it's located downstairs on your left, you shouldn't have troubles with the research.

As soon as I arrived, I looked around.
There was a promotional poster of the Zaku Cake... I wonder if it can be ordered even through the cafe ò_o

Let's take a look at the menu:
The Gundam Cafe of Tokyo Station is specialized in pasta dishes.
Here are the most popular: Char's pasta (puttanesca), Amuro's pasta (simple pasta with oil and red pepper), White Base's Pasta (carbonara) and AcGuy's Pasta (bolognese)

This is the merchandising area... It's tiny, and the gadgets are pretty much the same of the other Cafes:

--There was a promotion concerning the curry products and the mugs, though... It was kinda nice.

Here are a few random shots to give you an idea of the place:

The "metal finish" Zaku was kinda cool XD !

Now, a picture of my pick for lunch, a slice of smoked bacon with lots of free omizu XD
I made a point of focusing on Zabi's food... This was called Dozle's Deeds of Arms XD
The sauces are some ketchup and some weird wasabi thing. The "Zeon symbol" is made of a cracker :3

As I said, this is a very nice place to grab a bite by :D
Here is no take-out service, so no gunplayaki for you, but the service is quite fast and the mood relaxed, despite being is such a crowded area.
Plus, on the same floor is the Tokyo Character Street, where you can find very fun anime-centered shops, like the Jump Shop, dedicated to the manga series featured on Jump Magazine (also if it's mostly just Gintama and One Piece stuff), the LEGO shop, a shop dedicated to the works of Hayao Miyazaki, one about Hello Kitty and a thousand little spots dedicated to other TV mascottes and merchandising ^^


Entrance fee: None
Reservation: Not required
Operating Hours: 1000-2130
Website: http://g-cafe.jp/shop/tokyo

And that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^