RAPPORTO/ Gundam Cafe (Makuhari)

On my quest to visit all the Gundam Cafe of Tokyo, this one was last on my list, and despite the uncomfortable location, I was really glad that I found the goodwill to visit it, as it became one of my favourites :D
This is located in Chiba, inside a mall called AEON MALL.

But let's start with the directions.
To get there you have to get off at KAHIMMAKUHARI station. You can easily reach it by the JR Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station:
Be aware that it tends to get quite crowded, as this line services the theme-parks of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea *screams* !!

Once you got off at KAIMMAKUHARI follow the directions to the bus terminal and go to the stop 3 to get the bus to the mall:
Get off at the last stop, that is right in front of the mall ;D but it must be said that the distance from the station is not so huge (1,6 Kms), so in case you can also just walk there.

Once you approach the mall, look for a floor map:
The Gundam Cafe is located at the third floor, in an area called "JAPAN POP JUNGLE".

The first amusing thing that I noticed upon entering, is this merchandising area with products coming from the Gundam Front.
As I didn't see them even in the Cafe of Odaiba, I thought that it was a nice feature!

Here are a few shots of the place:

The menu of this cafe is AWESOME.
It offers a huge variety of curry rice, pasta and salad dishes, and the most of them are Zeon-based XD !
I happened to visit this place in the evening (as you can guess from my shitty pictures), and the dining menu was 100% Zeon *_*
You can find dishes dedicated to characters, colonies, and lots of MS, expecially the Zaku in all its variants!

Faithful to my Zabi's, I picked this delicious curry rice called "Gihren's Speech":
It was a curry rice with hamburger, and the sauce was a delicious mix of beef, onions and mushrooms °D: Sooo Goood!
I had a nice beer with it.

Once I was done with dinner, I took a peek around, and I found these gashapon thigies:
Some of them were really old, so I tried my luck with this "MS Suits" machine, wishing to get a cute Dom:
--And I just got that tool of a GM =_= With 4 Zeon Characters over 5, of course I got the shitty Federal D': !!

Taking a look around, I noticed a lot of interesting shops, like this COSPA point right next to the Cafe:
The JAPAN POP JUNGLE area, in fact, is pretty much an otaku nest, where even us detractors of "fashion people" can find our comfort spot.
Here's what you can find in there.

Long story short, a MUST GO.
Zeon stuff, delicious food, and interesting otaku area.
Too bad for the location, quite far from your Tokyo neighbourhood, but I highly recommend a visit!


Entrance fee: None
Reservation: Not required
Operating Hours: 0900-2200
Website: http://g-cafe.jp/makuhari

And that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^