Here we are for another glamorous report!
This time I'll talk to you about Jujo Bar (called like this because it's conveniently placed close to the Jujo JR station stop), a private bar dedicated to the great Jojo's Bizarre Adventures series :D
The place is very little and it requires a reservation to go :o !
Since it's mantained by a Jojo's hard otaku, you can find practically every kind of merchandising there: I was impressed by the artbooks collections, and I liked how relaxing the mood was.
The owner is really fun, cracking Jojo's jokes everytime he can (thank God we had Japanese friends with us who could translate those for us), and since very little people are allowed (that night we were 6 persons) it creates a very intimate and fun mood! At a certain point I was looking at artbooks with complete strangers, and it felt so right! (I guess that all those drink made me extra sociable, LOL)∼

But let me share with you a few pics of the interior!

These are a series of limited edition snacks released for a limited time by a local conbini.
There was a fun story behind it-- Since the snacks sponsor Jojo series, but the character on the bags is Tonio, the "commoners" thought that Jojo was Tonio XD
Anyway, these snacks apparently were not for sale ;3; I would have tried them happily!

This was the promotion of Jojo's recent exhibition on a Sendai's newspaper ^_^

An exclusive sketch by Araki-sensei :D

The bag of Owson's conbini, from Part 4... I DIED x'D

---He owned the Italian version of Part 5 (which is set in Italy) ;__; ♥
It's SO OLD that I don't even--!

We got to see the secret stash of alcool of the owner x'D
He told us that there's some pretty expensive stuff hidden there...

But let's get started on how the bar "works".
Basically, you have to use "Jojo money"; every coin costs 500 yen, and you can buy an item, being it a cocktail of food plate, with a coin.
You have to pay an entrance fee of 1 coin when you change your money, and then you pay after each order.
The fun thing is that you have to place your coin into a glass filled with water, to mimick D'Arby and Josef's gamble in Part 3 XD If you make the water drop out of the glass YOU'LL LOSE YOUR SOUL, so be careful XD

--Look at the tiny Harvest guarding the money XD

Now let's take a look to the drink and food that we enjoyed during our stay!
the menu was IMPRESSIVE: the owner managed to create a cocktail for EVERY character, stand of epic moment in the manga, it was just too fun browsing through the menu and ordering your "favourite characters" XD

This is Narancia :D

Bucciarati :D
The lemon-thingie mimics a zip, and I had to unzip the bottle for the owner to make it XD

LOL XD This was the cocktail dedicated to N'Dull and his Geb stand, from Part 3 XD

Dio from Part I :D
Here we have in the picture the manga reference to the scene :D

Caesar's salad, inspired by his death scene ;_;

The Stone Mask rice omelette :D
"Why is it so dark?" a friend asked, "Because there's the blood of Jonathan" was the owner's answer, LOLOL XD

I ordered a cute Kakyoin cocktail!
It came with a special plate that illuminated the glass but the owner told us that it was broken and didn't buy another yet XD
A friend used her cellphone's light to give the correct effect for the picture.
I lolled at the cherry, hinting to Kakyoin's habit of playing cherries with his tongue XD

Diavolo and Doppio :3

The Nero Spaghetti with macaroni that showed up during Caesar and Josef's first meeting in Rome XD
e and Teap tried to fill the macaroni with the spaghetti to mimick the scene but we couldn't do that without the power of the ripple é_è

The cocktail dedicated to Mista :D

My Caesar drink ;3;
It took it a while to do, because the owner makes a special "wine ice" referring to Caesar's last riple, the one made with his blood, containing Wham's ring to save Josef's life ;_;
--WHY IS CAESAR'S STUFF ALL SO SAD T_T; ?! Anyway, I waited for a bit because my friend told me to wait to see the ice melting in the cocktail.
It looked beautiful... AND SAD ;_;

Yukako's cocktail from Part 4! Everyone in the bar said "Preeeeettty--!" x'DD

Before going away, my friend suggested me to take a peek at the bathroom, since Polnareff is one of my favourite characters... It was all dedicated to him, ahah XD

In the end I left some sketches here and there as per usual XD
A cute Kakyoin drinking his cocktail for my friend∼

And Dio trying to convince Jonathan to eat the Stone Mask omelette on the bar's guestbook XD

Aaah, it was so fun! Next time that I go to Tokyo I must go there again∼


Entrance fee: 500 yen
Reservation: Required (through mixi)
Operating Hours: 1400-2430
Website: http://mixi.jp/view_community.pl?id=3187976

And that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^