This is the report of my T&B experience in Namja Town ^o^
It was a limited time event set up to promote the anime, that by the time was just over.
Namco Namja Town is an indoor park located into the Sunshine City mall building. The entrance is at the second floor, but it continues 'til the thirds floor :3

The entrance fee is 300 yen, but you can get a "passport" so to enter the place and enjoy all the attractions (with some exceptions) for 3900 yen.
The passport for the TIGER&BUNNY event costed 4000 yen (of course all the other attractions where included).
Once you get your ticket, you can leave and return to the park anytime within the day, just let the guys at the information counter at the entrace stamp your hand when you leave the first time :3
--Since I was slowed down by the guys who came with me and I had further arrangements for the day with a friend, I could only stay for a few hours without visiting the whole thing T_T;; !

So, our first stop was the Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium, so to get our first dose of T&B delicacies.
There are various "food points" into the park, and the Gyoza Stadium is one of them. The T&B foods were scattered all around the park and all around each gyoza stand of the Gyoza Stadium or dessert places. The point of the deal is walking around and look around... to buy even more stuff XD

Here are some pictures of the Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium, with its 60s vibe... It's located on the second floor.
--Sorry for the quality of the pics, my friends took these with their cellphones XD

Here's a picture where you can get the "feeling" of how it's organized:

After a walk, we decided that it was finally time to eat!

Here's my chosen meal, the Kotetsu and Antonio are drinking buddies set ^_^
It features pork/beef gyoza with mayonaise (and some mysterious sauce for gyoza) and iced oolong tea (UGH!)..
The tea was obviously filled with 5/6 tons of ice >_>;
This thingie costed 700 yen... Thinking that a regular set of such gyoza costs 440 yen left me a bit disappointed XD Now that I think about it, I could have ordered more "regular" gyoza to fill me up T_T;

Here's a close-up of the gyoza :D
They were really tasty! Dipping them into mayonaise was interesting XD !

The most of my friends opted for the Bridal Carry menu. It featured a taco (?), potato fried and oolong tea.
You can see also a portion of Kotetsu's Caps gyoza there :3

Here's a close-up of the taco.

And of the gyoza.

One of my friends managed to return there in the evening and got Kriem's ice-cream crepe at Dessert Republic (third floor) :D

Once our tummies were filled, we ran to the third floor to get the goodies.
There was a "shopping point" arranged with new products, old sold-out merch (of course not on sale) and upcoming goodies (not on sale)--
In the same place there was also the lottery spot.
You buy a 'ticket', get a number and the number is associated with a prize-- Or something along these lines, I didn't give it much attention XD

I wanted to buy one of those Wild Tiger's tote-bag, but they were sold out already =_=# I didn't buy anything then (but a little something for a friend), and got my tote-bag from the close-by Animate, LOL XD
Practically everything Wild Tiger was sold-out (tote-bag, mirrors and note-book) :/ The only tote-bag left were that of Ouroboros because they were the newest, I guess.

If you spent at least 2000 yen on merch you get to choose a free set of stickers; the stickers were tinier than those that you got from the foods.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the stuff around:

Long story short, that's what I got out of the day:
The Bison sticker came with the gyoza, the other two were presented to me at the Animate when I bought the T&B tote-bag (and a Litchi Hikari Club's t-shirt) XD Apparently there was some T&B promotion there too ^_^; !

--I'm still crying over the fact that I didn't get to eat Nathan's ice-cream, FUCK T_T; ..! ...Anyway, that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^


PS: For the making of this post I'd like to thank my friends Kenzo Kabuto and Kargrash who shared a good ammount of their pics with me ♥