RAPPORTO/ Quattro Vageena Bar

Another "Gundam bar" that we checked out during our trip to Nagoya was the one dedicated to Char Aznable, Quattro Vageena :D

This is the entrance of the bar :D Quite fancy, uh..?

There was an entrance fee, I don't remember how much it was... Probably 1000 yen?
Again, we were the only two customers in the bar, but that's because me and Teap arrived there a few minutes after the openng... Surely walking around all day over historical sites didn't help to keep us lively for the night ;_;
Anyway! The owner of this place is lot of fun! He kept up the conversation and stuff-- But I'll talk about it later, for now let's take a look around :D

This talking Char figure... Me and Teap really NEEDED TO HAVE IT XD

Now, for what concerns the menu-- There wasn't much choice, since everything was Char-oriented...

--We asked the owner for a recommendation, and he suggested to give a peek to the "osusume" menu that was hanging over the counter :3
I had my first Char-oriented drink, Red Comet (the pink one) as Teap got herself a Char Tonic (the red one) :D
These drinks were plain delicious∼

Of course, a red-themed "courtesy senbei" XD
This one didn't have a personalized image, it was just shrimp flavoured :3

For the food I took my usual fries, that here came under the name of Char's Zaku Head... The sauce was spicy ketchup XD I had very little XD
Teap got Char Custom Nachos and from her expression I could see that those were extra spicy XD !

At this point the owner told us that we could get to cosplay with some of the props and costumes that were in the bar, and I immediately jumped on it XD
So when I ordered a glass of La Mauny that a cute waitress in Feddie uniform served me, I was quite aware that this was going to happen XD

Talking about my performance (LOL), the owner told me that it was quite cool because October 6, the day we were there, was the day of Garma's funeral, so that scene was quite fitting!
Me and Teap realized that we have Newtype powers.

After this, cosplay galore ensued. Please bear with me for a few other pictures XD

In the end, the owner to thank us for our patronage and visit decided to give us a present--
We got to choose a can of Gundam Front's exclusive Pepsi each other :DDD
I got Char's Zaku and Teap picked a Dom, my favourite MS, to present it to me ;3; ♥
The day after we drank them with Yamachan's tebasaki, since it's not allowed to bring drinks on the plane ;_; (but of course I brought the empy cans home as a souvenir!)

The owner was also extra nice to give us a Member card ;3; I'll definitely go there again whenever I'll happen in Nagoya again >3< !!

And of course we left our mark on the guestbook ;D It's all in Italian, so to add exotism to it XD
Thank you again for opening such a great place, owner-san!!


Entrance fee: None
Reservation: Not required, but it's possible to get it by phone
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday: 1900-0100, Friday to Saturday: 1900-0300, Sunday: 1900-0100
Website: http://www.gundam-nagoya.com

And that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^


PS: For the making of this post I'd like to thank my fellow Char-fanatic Teap who shared a good amount of her pics with me ♥