RAPPORTO/ Tsubasa Cafe

ATTENTION! This cafe has been CLOSED!

Here's the report for Tsubasa Cafe, the cafe dedicated to the series Captain Tsubasa and its protagonists :D
The place is located in Yokohama :3

The place is quite comfy, and, besides the dining room inside, there's the chance to eat outside :3
It was a really relaxing and fun experience, the owners were quite friendly too, and didn't mind our taking pictures around.
Besides the cafe, right next to it, there is the Tsubasa Stadium, three tiny football fields up for reservation if you want to play around there with your friends :3
...Unfortunately when I went there the weather was terrible and I didn't think to take a picture of the fields-- But you can spot a little bit of them in this picture, on your left:

Here are a few pictures of the inside:

The walls are decorated with original manga pages from the manga, courtesy of the author:

Besides manga and illustrations, there are also special portraits made by the author specifically for the bar, and autographs from football players who visited the place :D

There's also various memorabilia from the anime; here's Kotaro's jersey:

The modified ball that he used for his "Tiger Shot" training ;o; ♥

--The "challenge letter" that Tsubasa "kicked" to Kenzo:

Then, it was time for delicious food!
Here's a picture of the Tiger Shot cocktail, 800 yen for Kotaro's signature drink.
Please note the lemon stripes to give it a "tiger-y" look XD

Another signature food, the Wakabayashi Burger (1280 yen)-- I wanted to eat it since I first saw it on the internet XDD It was delicious and filling <3 !

--In the end it was possible to take a picture with the whole Japan "dream team" XD
Here I am with my friends under the rain, LOL.

So, if you're a fan of the series I greatly encourage you to visit this place!
The food is delicious and the staff really nice :D


Entrance fee: None
Reservation: None
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 1600-2300, Saturday to Sunday: 1200-2300
Website: //

And that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^


PS: A big thank you to Bibo and Kenzo Kabuto who shared some of their pictures with me!