So, it's been five years since my last visit to Namja Town over Sunshine City in Ikebukuro... Many things changed, but I was glad to see that at least the vibe wass still as good.
This time I went there for a Yowamushi Pedal event, set up as the new season was still on TV.

First bad new, the price of the entrance increased. Now you need 500 yen to enter the site, that now just covers one single floor.

During the Yowapeda event there was another event running, so we didn't get such a fabulous space and exhibition as during the Tiger & Bunny event, but still, it was arranged decently.

I really like the decorations around the Gyoza Stadium that make the area look like a town in the sixties!

I arrived there around 2 pm, so I was able to enjoy the place without the usual crowd of the afternoon.
I immediately approached the Gyoza Stadium area where restaurants are located to intercept the meals dedicated to my favourite characters!
At first I was set on getting the gyoza plate dedicated to Izumida or the don dedicated to Doubashi, but in the end they weren't convenient at all (950 yen for six gyoza? Even if arranged as Izumida's abs that was a bit outrageous!). I was considering cute Naruko too, but his dish was a dessert and I don't like those... So in the end I decided to pick something that I would have liked to eat even if not from a character I was extremely fond of... I noticed a curry rice dedicated to Manami and it looked like a decent compromise!
It was quite good!

After lunch I went to browse the entertainment area.
I wasn't planning to play with anything, but since I paid for the entrance I could at least take a peek around!

Here was an exhibition of merchandising, featured glasses dedicated to the characters:
The extra point was that the cloth used to clean them was dedicated to the involved character wearing the same glasses. So it was a cute extra.

The protagonists of the hall were the 1/1 stands up featuring the various characters of the series:

LOL Fushimi Kyoto featuring only Midousugi and Komari was sad to no end.

Of course I bothered the girls at the games to take pictures with my favourite boys:
Eheh :D I was a happy fangirl.

There were two games available for our general amusement:

"Tea party Challenge", were you had to get a little ball into a teacup by using some kind of catapult, which looked quite impossible to do, and the "Namja Criterium", a sort of virtual hurdling. That looked more plausible but I wasn't really up for extra sporty features, so I just took my pictures and went out.

On my way outside, while taking my time to look at the other entertainments, I noticed these cute plasters!
--I immediately started to reasearch the whole area for more characters (Doubashiii!) but I just ended up with these:

LOL at Izumida ending his sentence with "ABS!" XD

The last check was over the merchanding area, which was quite disappointing.
Just tiny badges and keychains, most of which were "blind", so you had to pick them without knowing what character it was. Meh!

The general impression was so and so.
The thing that I enjoyed the most was eating the curry rice dedicated to Manami, and also if I regretted not getting the stickers of my favourite characters it was still good.
The games were ok, I wasn't amused by the shopping area at all, but the biggest flaw were definitely the prices: way too expensive for an innocent distraction!

And that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^