RAPPORTO/ Sieg Zeon Bar

During our stay in Nagoya we decided to visit the "Gundam Bars" around there... Sieg Zeon was the first of them because of its convenient location close to the local Mandarake ;D and because I wanted to go there even since I casually walked in front of it one year earlier during my first trip to Japan∼

Again, these places are not "official" locals supported by the brand like the Gundam Cafe in Akiba and Odaiba are, these are comfly places mantained by a private owner, who is a fan of a certain subject.
Sieg Zeon is located on the second floor of a building that hosts a good number of other bars... On the same floor of our bar there was a "little sister" themed maid cafe, for example-- But let's keep this report on track...

Once we got in the owner had what my friend called a "Tokyoite Reaction"; once he saw us he asked the other person in the bar (that after our entrance disappeared, WTF XD) if she could talk English, and even after Teap reassured him that she spoke Japanese so there were no communication troubles, he still looked a bit-- "tense", you know.
After the initial panic, he kept looking kinda wary of us-- He wasn't much of an entertainment, I must say T_T; (at a certain point he got to the PC and started to play videogames... Are you for real ;_; ?!)

Anyway, we kept ourselves entertained with the episodes of the first series of Gundam airing on a TV screen in front of us.
They were the episodes of Garma's death ;_; Teap never managed to watch the whole thing, so here you have a Dae making comments on every single scene giving more informations than required XD That was fun XD

Then, some pictures of the oimpressive merchandising-- I swear I never saw some of those figures even on websites (well, some of them were blatantly self-made) ò_o ..!

A close-up of the cute Haman's "Hamaya" (arrow-shaped lucky items that are sold in Shinto temples... The wooden plaque is called "Ema" and is decorated to the Chinese sign that corresponds to the year on it's bought)--

Garma's portait XD

I'm quite sure that this banner is an exclusive item of the bar-- There were others, but of course I focused on Kycilia's XD
She's saying one of her quotes from the anime, "Also my brother is sweet".
To be honest, I don't recall her even saying something like this, but maybe I can blame it on the Italian adaptation XD ?

--Speaking of rare items, for example, that figure of Garma's death on the up-left? What's that D: ?! DO WANT!!

So, the owner wasn't very friendly but the food was indeed very good!
Let's take a look at the menu to to the stuff that we ordered--
At first I wanted to try something undeniably Char-themed, possibly with little alcohl 'cause my digestive apparatus was a mess in thoese days T_T;
I picked a Char Custom Zaku cocktail, then, described as a mysterious "Virgin Mary" in brackets--

And here it was! To my utter disgust it was-- TOMATO JUICE!!! Nooo T_T; !!
I had to realize that "Virgin Mary" was a non-alcohlic version of "Bloody Mary" ;___;
Sorry, but as an Italian I don't think that tomatoes are supposed to be reduced in juice and drank ò_o DISGUSTING!

Look at the cute coster featuring Lalah <3
Damn, me and Teap forgot to take it home >_<# !!

I was a bit clueless about what to eat, 'cause the most of such things are snacks that you savor with your drink... Under Teap's suggestion I decided to try karaage, selecting a Normal Type course.
Note that each dish can be requested as "Char Custom", meaning that the portion would be 1,5 times bigger and it's served 3 times faster XD
--I got a normal version XD

And here's the plate! It was very good ;o; <3
The chicken was crispy and delicious, and the plate came with a decoration (cherry tomato, salad and potato salad) that reminded me of Gundam Cafe servings...

I wanted some fries 'cause I love them, so I ordered this item that sounded like Tamura-san cooked these fries so there's little salt, a recurring joke from the episode where the White Base was running off of salt and it generated a "survival emergency" on board XD

Delicious fries in the background, the owner gave us a "courtesy senbei" featuring a cute design of Lalah-chan :D
--I ate it the morning after during breakfast XD

I got another drink to remove that tomato horror from my mouth, so I ordered a cute Casval-oniichan cocktail... This one was sweet and delicious <3

Teap ordered another drink too, and it was DAMN GOOD (Damn Teap selecting her drinks from the ingredients and not from the name, she always got the good stuff) XD ! I don't remember how it was called-- We guessed it had wine in it... TASTY∼

And, well, that's all XD
When we decided to go back to our hotel a few other customers were getting in, so we probably missed the chance to see the bar in a cheerier mood, but it's sure that even if the service is not top quality, the food was definitely delicious and filling--
And, well, looking at all those otaku memorabilia sure did our heart good ♥


Entrance fee: 500 yen
Reservation: Not required
Operating Hours: 1700-0100, Closed on Monday
Website: http://mixi.jp/view_community.pl?id=2881745

And that's all, I hope that you found this article exhaustive! If you have other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line here, I'll reply promptly ^_^


PS: For the making of this post I'd like to thank my fellow Char-fanatic Teap who shared a good amount of her pics with me ♥