S H I N C H O U - Oda Nobunaga Fixation



The Gifu Loop Line, the local bus service of Gifu City, has been decorated with stunning portraits of Nobunaga, to celebrate the strict connection that the warlord had with this city:
Eight buses are decorated in a Nobunaga fashion, and they took their rounds at regular intervals.

We managed to get on one of them twice during our stay in Gifu :D

Faithful to our otaku behaviour we made sure to take adeguate pictures of everything:

Here's a view of the Gifu castle and Mount Kinka from the bus.

And here are all the pictures that I managed to take of the buses!
These damn things were difficult to catch! I had to wait for them at the Gifu station terminal, the bus stops or just hope that the traffic lights would stop them...

Unfortunately I couldn't catch all of them, but that was quite the adventure!