S H I N C H O U - Oda Nobunaga Fixation



Vital point of our Nobunaga Tour was the attendance of the Nobunaga Matsuri, a two-days festival dedicated to Nobunaga by the city of Gifu.

To be honest, we were expecting something "more" out of such a festival, unfortunately it's not the "biggest" festival of the city (that one being the one dedicated to Dosan) but it was indeed entertaining.

So, the morning of the festival we first went to check out Sofukuji temple. There was a memorial service for Nobunaga there and we thought of paying a visit.

Once we got back to the Gifu station, we watched the impressive taiko drummers who were playing at the station's square:

It was quite moving to hear such proud drumming under the golden statue of Nobunaga ^_^

Quite satisfied by this first experience we moved along the road to see the parade of Gifu's citizens:
The parade was opened by the local policemen and volunteers of the town-- They were protesting against traffic accidents.

...Speaking of traffic accidents me and Teap were surprised by the fact that traffic wasn't stopped or rerouted during the parade...
So every now and then you had the policemen regulating the traffic between each group of parading citizens...

The 90% of the parade was occupied by the marching bands of the various schools:

My favourite was this one, I liked the clothes of the majorettes :D

those were the most original:
I don't know if it was intentional, but they reminded me of Nobunaga's fashion ^_^; !

The ladies of Gifu played some traditional dance as they sang something that sounded like a Gifu anthem.
They were pretty cool! Look at the "Nobunaga Matsuri" yukata! I wanted one too XD

Look at the little intruder XD !

Time for some more folklore:

Also the Gifu's mascottes had their time to shine!
I managed to take a clear picture only of Hiayumaru:

But I had my moment of mascot-y glory when I grabbed the adorable Nobusama for a picture!
Yeah, I was quite proud of myself for the catch XD

We kept walking through the Yanagase shopping arcade, checking out the activities, stands and foods on the way...
Here was some Sengoku-oriented show/quiz for kids. It was difficult to understand, so we went on XD

The road hosted a fun Harley Davidson exhibition, featuring the bikes of the Gifu's Harley Davidson association--- Most of these bikes had such such fun and tacky decorations!

In the end we had a pit-stop at Mos, where I got this ^_^; Instead of bread, rice was used for this peculiar hamburger :D

We kept walking to check out the stands outside, where we looked at the kimono stands. So pretty!

Those were on sale for 500 yen ^_^; Wow!

A picture of Gifu's manhole's cover; it was obviously decorated with cormorants (and birds' poo, quite appropriate!):

Looking at the izakaya and their picturesque attires was quite fun!

But for our dinner we didn't forget about our duty to try the most of Nagoya meshi, so we got back to the station where we ate our misokatsu (味噌カツ) (dubbed "Nobukatsu" because of that poster)∼
I was kinda feverish and sickly at the time, so I opted for a regular "don" version :3 It was delicious!!

We later moved to Sakae to have some drinks at the Gundam Bar Quattro Vageena, but that's another story...