S H I N C H O U - Oda Nobunaga Fixation



The morning after the Nagoya's tour de force this how my feet looked like:
All the plasters and bandages you see were for saving me from bloody blisters and calluses --Also, mosquitoes DEVOURED my legs!!
Sure my boots are trustworthy allies of many adventures, but this time they quite killed me XD

Again, more "Nagoya Meshi" sponsoring-- This time this genius thing featuring all these pretty boys impersonating the Nagoya-native samurai while eating Nagoya's delicacies... Last time we ate Ieyasu's hitsumabushi, so we promised ourselves that our next try had to be Nobunaga's misokatsu, dubbed "Nobukatsu", after we saw this poster XD

So, that day we decided to focus on Kiyosu, the place that saw Nobunaga's days as a young lord.
Here we visited the castle ruins, the museum and the park.
But let's go in order--
Thank God we were greated by tones of indications, maps and signals to reach the castle once out of the train station! We just had to follow the signs to reach the location safely ;3; !!

First we took a walk around the little park that hosted the ruins of the original Kiyosu castle...

On our way we also found the ruins of the castle's ninomaru:

And right behind us, the Kiyosu castle (清洲城)!

--We were a bit shocked to see such huge carps in an apparently wild enviroment-- They were like-- almost half a meter long?!

We finally approached the castle.

Took our time to look at the zen garden...

...And as we were paying for the tickets to visit the castle, we were "kidnapped" by some of the museum staff to take some pictures in Sengoku attire:
--I must confess you that I felt quite cool in my armor XD

But in the end I agreed to take a picture in proper female clothes ^_^;

The museum was a bit deluding because it lacked of "actual" historical relics, but it was allested in an interesting way.
Of course it wasn't possible to take pictures everywhere, but I managed to snap some shots at what I found intriguing.
A room featured the most important bits of Nobunaga's life as modern newspaper pages! It was realy fun to look at them-- Not just the news, but also the sponsors and stuff were in theme with the Sengoku era XD
The article above is about Nobunaga's conquer of Gifu, for example.

There were lots of interactive scenes and videos.
Here you have Teap trying one of the guns used during the battle of Nagashino :3

The last floor featured an interesting exhibition of the clothes wore by Nobunaga and his family in taiga dramas:

My favourite outfit is the one from Tenchijin, the drama dedicated to Naoe Kanetsugu; the red/black combination is quite elegant yet wild :D

The outfit from Toshiie to Matsu was quite cool too :D

Nobunaga - King of Zipangu is the only taiga drama that I managed to watch 'til the end (thanks to Teap's assistance)-- I enjoyed it despite the bothering presence of useless original characters =_=;
Here's the outfit selected for the exhibition, when Nobunaga was a strapping young lad!

Oichi's uchikake. Teap noticed that it's the same pattern of those that she wore before entering the museum.

We finally managed to reach the roof:
We were greated by a Nobunaga's statue, a reproduction of the golden carps once placed on top of the castle, but originally placed on Kiyosu's castle, some taiko drum and the sempiternal verses of Atsumori...

The view from the castle was quite picturesque!

Once we got down, a stop to the toilet was due (since my stomach was still a mess)...

The symbols for "female" and "male" rooms were quite original XD

--And so were the omiyage... Here's the same boy that was sponsoring "Nagoya meshi" on the Nagoya station's posters--
--And what about Nobunaga's curry? Apparently it was all pumpkin-flavoured. We assumed it was a Kiyosu's typical product, quite satisfied with our assumption.
In case you wonder, here I bought a nice t-shirt∼

We passed through the station's bridge to reach Kiyosu's park with a wonderful Nobunaga's statue, probably my favourite:

After this visit we went back to Nagoya... In the evening we enjoyed ourselves at the "Gundam Bar" Sieg Zeon-- It would have been a fun experience if the owner wasn't so terrified to host two foreigners x'D