This is the page dedicated to my gunpla and to my collection of Zaku kits.
I'm a huge fan of this mobile suit so I decided to indulge myself in this extra fetish∼

The kits are listed in order of completion and acquisition: at the top are the most recent kits.
For further "Zaku Talk" you can take a peek to these articles on my blog :3

[HG08 #4]

This is probably the "oldest" Zaku that I own and it's dedicated to the OVA series "The 08th MS Team" of 1996.
Both package and molding are quite different from the HGUC line, so it's been quite fun to deal with, even if cleaning up that hard plastic wasn't really a cup of tea.
The box and the anime data report this model as a MS-06J ZAKUII, or a Zaku for terrestrial use, but later on it was retconned as MS-06JC ZAKU II, a specific unit used during that specific conflict with improvements for guerrila warfare, as the design was perceived as too different from the original MSV of the J Type (I assume that Bandai will make ANOTHER KIT OUT OF IT and I'll have to buy if for the sake of completion D':).
In the anime these units are destined to doom ;_; Among the pilots we can mention Norris Packard, who used it for a brief time, and the team of Topp, who met its end in there.

MS-06F-2 ZAKUII F2 (EFSF Col.)
[HGUC #107]

This took for ever to get done, even if as I said before it's my favourite Zaku version: a F2 type, this time in Feedie's color.
Always from the series "Gundam 0083", this unit is an example of an enemy unit captured by the Federals and turned into an EFSF specimen; it's said that the study of a destroyed Zaku was vital for the development of MS on the Federation side, and I thought this was a nice tribute.
This unit was used for training purposes and its pilot was Chuck Keith.

[Thunderbolt Ver.]

I rushed the making of this kits as it was supposed to take part to an online contest, so I put some serious effort into it, even if the result is not that amazing T^T
"Gundam Thunderbolt" is one of my currently favourite manga, and even if some choices in the story sounds quite improbable, I'm in love with the characters and, of course, all those cute Zakus!
In the story, the classic mobile suits are implemented for space combat in the extreme conditions of a debris area filled with random electrostatics... Thus the huge backback, mostly dedicated to the extra fuel tanks and used for the handy transportation of extra weaponry.

MS-06F-2 ZAKUII F2 (Zeon Col.)
[HGUC #105]

Following the route of the classic yet developed Zaku, my joy and satisfaction was great when I first dealt with this upgraded version of the Zaku II from the OVA "Gundam 0083" (one of my favourites series).
Here you have a smart refresh of the original design that for once looks quite plausible rather than some kind of parody of a classic.
The F2 model was developed in the middle of the One Year War, and it was one of the various attempts to find a cheap and effective alternative to the mass-produced MS of the Federation, the GM.
Here is in its classic green colors signifying its belonging to the Zeon forces.
My favourite part of this kit are its cute legs! I love the design of the knee part, way smoother and more practical than before!


After all those custom units I really needed a "classic" Zaku in my collection, but I also wanted it to be a little "exclusive"-- So I picked this kit coming straight from the "MS Igloo" series, one of my favourites.
Compared to the HGUC #40 it offered the so-called "Ground War Set", extra weapons, figurines, tanks and explosion effects-- Great for the purpose of a diorama with a military mood.
The kit itself is the same exact guy of the HGUC line, so it was very easy to build :3 It's simple but it shows its grit, so it's one of my favourite Zaku of my collection ^^

[HGUC #087]

The FZ was created as an attempt to simplify the production of different MS by standardizing parts and systems where possible.
The developments compared to the classic Zaku model concerned the redesign of the cockpit area, and the use of a titanium/ceramic composite armor that proved more resistant and lighter.
Accelleration and maneauverability were improved in this version, but due to the higher comsuption of fuel, the unit proved a shorter operational time than the classic Zaku.
This model was first showed in the OVA series "Gundam 0080 - The War in a Pocket", and it was piloted by Bernard "Bernie" Wiseman.
It's also one of the MS featured in the lovely comic "The Plot to assassinate Gihren", where it sported its Nazi-esque "B-Type" helmet, the one that I picked for my kit ^^

Shin Matsunaga Custom Unit [HGUC #154]

The name of the kit says that this unit is a R-1A, but the design is that of the R-1 High Mobility Test Type model, so I'll go with this last definition.
This MS was released in low quantities to study a proper development for a MS with higher performances to meet the new standards set by the MS of the Federation.
This unit belongs to ace pilot Shin Matsunaga, "The White Wolf", a friend and comrade of Dozle Zabi.
I loved to work on this kit! White is so easy to sand and fix in case of errors :D !

Black Tristars Custom Unit [HGUC #151]

The R-1A High Mobility Type was a mass-production model developed for space combat, after the feedback received over the R-1 Test Type.
This is the unit of the Black Tristar, the team of pilots who gained their popularity in the anime series for being pilots of the MS-09 Dom and in their universe for restraining General Revil during the Battle of Loum.
I decided to pick the version without the antenna as all my kit are commander-types! I needed something new in my collection XD
The dark colours and hard plastic made this kit quite hard to sand-- In the end I had to give up and paint some parts :/

Johnny Ridden Custom Unit [HGUC #166]

The R-2 High Mobility Type was developed as an MS for space use, as a temporary replacement for the MS-14 Gelgoog before its full development and mass production.
Compared to the R-1, it's lighter and it sports extra armour on the legs.
This is the unit of Johnny Ridden, the "Crimson Lightning", famous for his association with Kycilia Zabi and the rivalry of sort with Char Aznable.

Char Aznable Custom Unit [HGUC #032]

The S-Type is destined to squadleaders or high ranking pilots, as its features are overpowered compared to a standard F-Type.
It's the model of the legendary Char Aznable, the "Red Comet", allowed to move at speeds 3x faster than a normal Zaku.

Garma Zabi Custom Unit [HGUC #034]

The FS-Type was pretty much a standard F-Type with the addition of 4 40mm vulcan guns mounted on the head, for increased firepower. This is the unit of Garma Zabi, probably used for his landing on the North American Zeon base in California...
It took me a while to decide which has to be my first gunpla ever-- I decided to pick the Zaku of Garma as he's one of my favourite characters... It's so cute ;_;


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